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Poetry in Progress, A collection of poems by local poets in southwest Dallas County, Texas

Image: Poetry in Progress book

About compiling and publishing of the book, Poetry in Progress
Our group, also called Poetry in Progress, has published its first collection of poems by group members. Getting the book together took a lot of coordinated effort and patience, but we are proud of the outcome. The book is unique in that it is very much a reflection of the different approaches to poetry by our diverse membership. People who don't necessarily see themselves as poets will find something here for them. People who are more advanced and have a greater appreciation for poetry will also find poems that will interest them.

Our book Poetry in Progress is a microcosm of a diverse and creative group that comes together in DeSoto, Texas Civic Center the first Monday of each month. With fellow poets and poetry lovers they share with abandon the joy, sorrow, and many shapes and shades of their inner world. By reading this book you get to eavesdrop on them and hopefully find yourself within their lines. In an article written by Sydni Thomas in the November 2013 issue of Southwest Now Magazine, a founding member of the group says,


“I believe poetry is all about self-discovery. Community is also about self-discovery, and we wanted to bring both together. Our goal in creating this group was to build culture and community through poetry. … When people get into poetry it breaks down barriers.” Another member says, “What a joy it is to see all of the different cultures come together and read poetry, … I guarantee almost everyone in the group has brought a poem that was difficult to get through emotionally, we stand in and read those difficult poems for each other.”

Information about purchasing Poetry in Progress

The book can be purchased online, please click here for more information.


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