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One of the goals of PoetryInProgress.net group is to encourage writing and publishing among our members. To give our PIP Poets a boost, I have created this page where I will include our poets' names, publication titles, descriptions, and where to get them. We are proud of our poets who have made the special effort to share their gifts with friends, family, and the public. We salute them for their effort and accomplishment.

If you are a PIP Poet feel free to email me the titles and other information about the publications and where or how to acquire them.

Glenn Currier
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Poets Featured Here

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Dave Bates
Dave's poet profileImage: Dave Bates

Nature Nurtures in Random Rhyme

james kenneth blaylock
James Poet Profile

Image: James Kenneth Blaylock

Born With Our Clocks Running


Shirley Hammond
(Shirley also publishes under the name of Shirley Franklin)Image: Shirley Hammond
Shirley's Poet Profile


Christmas Plus

Emma's Fantastique Word Play

It's Not Yours, Kara

Will I See You Later?

Krump, Slide, Tap, Turn

Lupita's Quincinera

Melonie Lovesmore
Melonie's Poet Profile

Soothing Words Spoken From The Heart

Image: Melonie Lovesmore's book

  • Description: From the Preface of her book
    There's power in words. There's power in the written verse. Words can move you to act or react in a positive manner. Find peace of mind; experience feelings of hope and pride; strengthen love in the family; motivate and inspire your children.

    The children's poems are easy to read, humorous and philosophical. They teach high moral standards and instill a sense of right and wrong - young readers. The verses are for all ages: pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school to adults. Teachers use this book in their classroom to excite and inspire their students and to stimulate their imagination and motivate them to acquire a higher interest in school. Also, there's a serious, down-to-earth educational theme: an inspiration to Stay in School; to strive for a high level of achievement; to be somebody in life; to set forth high goals for yourself; and not to let anything or anyone stand in the way of reaching your goals.

  • Type of Work: Poetry
  • Where to get it
    Soothing Words Spoken From The Heart, can be purchased through Amazon.com

    Image: Buy button

Pamela Michelle
Pamela's poet profile

Image: Pamela Michelle

The Limo: Reflections from the Road of Life

  • Description
    The Limo, Reflections from the Road, provides poetic insights and observations on various life experiences. The honesty and emotion shared is sometimes comical and sometimes tragic, but has a unique ability to connect and inspire the reader.
  • Type of work: Poetry
  • Where to get it

    Image: Buy button - 70px-wide

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