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Poetic Prompt # 27

In celebration of April being National Poetry Month, write a poem on the theme of poetry, writing poetry, the meaning of poetry to you, or why you like or love poetry.

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Rainbow over mountains

A Poet's Dreams
By Roland Ruiz

Of all the tributes which have been cast
Inside lost rainbows where thrives the past
Lays the best of who we are
Writers locked within a painted jar

Which holds the words born of thoughts
Colored stanzas buried within locked vaults
Rhymes to lessen the flow of pain
Incurred by life's happenstance and shame

Like regents aground along the sandy bar
Searching for the essence of who we are
Seeking a key to the outer world
We write to be freed from this swirl

I feel the wind along the river's edge
It sings of love I've soulfully pledge
To words that drift between the seams
A captive smile to all it beams

This fragrance from a poet's thought
Lives forever, paid and bought
Within the currents of the streams
Contain the melodies in a poet's dreams

"A Poet's Dream," Copyright © 2015 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written January 6, 2011
Re-posted March 29, 2017


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