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Image: Dal Currier

By Glenn Currier

The sunless clouds hang like dark dread
about this space above this bed
they squelch the hope that once I had
for this dear brother and this dad.

His life returning to my mind
the laughs and hurts we left behind
regrets no longer worth travail
I'll leave them on the dusty trail.

For now I look above the bed
the clouds are parting overhead
I see our mother praying there
hear Dad is sawing wood somewhere.

Beyond this space beyond this time
beyond the steepness of this climb
there lies a lake and silver trees
and meadows braced with cool clear breeze.

It is right there that he will dwell
where love and grace and Spirit swell.
The clouds have parted from this night
let us now bathe in his bright light.

"Beyond," Copyright © 2016 by Glenn Currier
Posted February 3, 2016

Personal Note: I post this poem in this space as a response to the latest poetic prompt. It was written as I grieved the loss of my dear brother, Dal who passed into eternal life on 1-30-16. If you wish to see other poems and pictures of Dal and family, please click here. - Glenn Currier

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The poem below, "Snowflakes," was written by John Call years ago and shared with me over coffee recently. John is selecting certain of his poems should there ever be a future publication of his work, and this is one that made the "final cut." I am glad it did, for it speaks to me of how a moment in life can be so sterling, so precious, yet is gone all too swiftly. The sharing of this poem and others was just such a moment one morning in a local coffee house.

- Glenn Currier

P.S. I highly recommend your visiting John's poems page where I have posted four of the poems John has selected for his collection.

By John D. Call

I try to catch the flakes in flight,
Reflected against the silver street light –

I capture only a few this way,
And those I do but for an instant stay,
Then soon, too soon, they melt away –

Snowflakes are to love, but not to touch,
Like other things we love too much,
Like other things when held too near
Melt away and disappear –

"Snowflakes," Copyright© 1988 by John D. Call
Posted January 8, 2016

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