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Poetic Prompt # 21
Write a poem in which you refer to yourself as "you" throughout.

Below are poems received in response to the current poetic prompt.

I know you
By Sharon West

You are always in your feelings
At times that bothers you
You care too much what others think
about the kind and softer you

Do they really see you, you wonder this a lot
Your quiet and distant mannerism can make you seem forgotten
But you are fantastic, a gem all its radiate the beauty
of the Savior on his throne

So continue to be YOU, share the blessings as they're shown
and bask in joy of knowing the YOU, you've always known

By Glenn Currier

Sometimes you think yourself leafy brown
with odor of musk and watery ground.
You think yourself a toddler compared
to poets writing stars and clouds in air.

You do not hear your voice as one
of sweetest tone in surging run
a tenor in a high and brighter space
joined with orange of alto and blue of bass.

You are a voice not a choir
it's not a solo you require
but a body - all organs working
neither slumbering nor shirking.

So, just breathe in and breathe out
forsake control give up your doubt
believe, believe in mercy and let go
trust the well, the depths - just grow.

"Choir," Copyright © 2016 by Glenn Currier

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