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Image: Roland Ruiz at home
Roland Ruiz back home and back together again. Go Rolo!

Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again
By Roland Ruiz
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Dedicated: Evangelina, the love of my life
who sets the course to a better life
My partner till death due us part

Angie wonders now that Roland is whole again
will he be better will he stay thin
will his snarls turn into a grin
will he loose his double chin

I'll cook just what he needs to eat
so his arse will fit the toilet seat
when he eats his cream of wheat
he has no problems when he takes a leak

The winds that blow out his hole
even comes when he does stroll
loud as can be and ever so bold
in his walk around the telephone pole

He'll miss the foods that made him fat
but his new body will be trim as a cat
he might even chase down a rat
would that be something for us to chat

It will take time to loose the pounds
he'll need to exercise parade the grounds
I'll see to it he makes the rounds
for I'm the Queen, I wear many crowns

So Humpty Dumpty has been mended
Beacon friends please be lending
your support will be so consending
my Rolo's weight is now descending

"Humpty Dumpty back Together Again," Copyright © 2015 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written November 21, 2015

Be Whole Again
By Glenn Currier

There was a blockage in my friend
the doctors had to cut on him
they pushed and pulled and clipped and tied
to redirect his pipes inside.

The doctors said he must behave
for months and months he skimped and saved
on calories and carbs and fats
his wife with patience cooked with class.

His insides had to rest a spell
the docs they said if all went well
they'd put things back the way they'd been
and he'd freely eat and play again.

And now our humpty dumpty's back
it won't be long he'll be on track
he'll write a poem and joke and grin
we'll laugh and wonder he's been.

I too have had some blocks inside
did things that caused a great divide
I had to go and get some aid
and work to fix mistakes I'd made.

My friend has been a valiant man
his grit has showed me I too can
arise from brokenness inside
be whole and strong where grace abides.

Dedicated to my friend Roland. Be whole, Rolo!

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Image: American Flag

My Flag
By James Brown

I fly my flag both day and night,
And seldom fly it with a light.

It's flown in times of war or peace,
Through sickness, pain, or death's release.

It flies in summer rain and storm,
Or winter's sleet and Sunday morn.

One day it blew right off the house.
That was the time it scared a mouse.

It's flown a lot for welcomed guests,
Plus babies born (I like that best).

It leads parades all children love,
And flies above all laws thereof.

I carried it to war with me,
Sewn on my coat so all could see.

It matters not when it is flown,
Its presence knows I'm not alone.

And, stands in churches as one of,
My Cross or David's Star above.

My flag's quiet flap against its pole,
Reminded me I had a soul.

Almost a sacred thing to me;
My flag, my country 'tis of Thee.

"My Flag," Copyright © 2015 by James Brown

Editor's Note: This poem is posted on our home page to commemorate Veterans Day and to honor those who serve and have served in the United States military. Thanks to our poet, James Brown who provided this poem. James is a Veteran of World War II and the Korean conflict. He was a carrier pilot for both. Please see this poem and others on James' poems page.

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