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Poetic Prompt # 24

Write a poem on the theme of "threshold or thresholds."

Editor's Note: Feel free to read John Call's poem below. He captures so much about the thresholds of life.

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The Threshold of Now
By Glenn Currier

You awaken, awaken, awaken me
from a long long sleep away from you
early in the morn your Son arises
takes me from those distant lands
places me in healing hands.

What has happened I cannot understand
your song, your life,
your comfort now abide
right now, right here inside.
I can't forget your name.
Here you are Lord,
I can't forget your name.
I cannot, cannot - I can no longer hide
from this Spirit who entered me
and vaporized my fear
took away my shame.

It is here in this very moment
in this tiny second of time
where I take myself and climb
across this threshold
through every battle in my mind
to the next thing
the very next thing
you have for me
the newest incarnation
of me and you and our creation.

For it is here
in the threshold
the threshold
of this one and only present
that I can find my soul
the very place you hide
the you, the me
I cannot really find
until… until…
in my untimely mind
in the threshold
of this here and now
I totally reside.

By James K. Blaylock

once, I was a very unlearnt boy
just wandering through life's monotony
I forsook every good thing all around me,
even the gorgeous arrangements
long story short, I was far from peaceful,
or anything of that ilk...

as I was oafish and standoffish
and more than slightly boorish
until, finally, I happened along
to His wonderful and beautifying threshold

"Thresholds," Copyright © 2016 by James K. Blaylock
Posted November 16, 2016

Threshold of Becoming a Man
By James Brown

When I was young, boys wore short pants,
Till sometime in between,
The first and second year at school,
Moms knew it time to wean.

For words, could scar a kid for life,
Like "sissy, mama's boy",
A mark of age, the future man,
Long pants we did enjoy.

Learned real men never thought it right,
To live at home again,
Or ask for money from his folks,
Much less from any kin.

We learned what "stupid-jerk" meant then,
And urges most withstood,
A pew in church was far less stress,
Than early fatherhood.

That time of life was finally done,
None wanted teens to last,
Our time was now, the future here,
Those childish things were past.

"Threshold of Becoming a Man," Copyright © 2016 byJames Brown
Posted November 14, 2016


By John D. Call

How does the meaning of space change
when we cross over a threshold?

The bride is carried over
the threshold of her new home.

The condemned prisoner
steps from the long hall
into the execution chamber.
It is the final five minutes
of his life.

The graduate crosses the stage
and receives his diploma.

The husband signs the divorce papers
and moves into his own apartment.

Thresholds are where endings
and beginnings
become one.

Thresholds are times and places
where, for better or worse,
life pivots,
and something changes -
and things are never the same.

Some thresholds are so small
that we hardly notice them at all,
like the siphoning away
of neurotransmitters from brain cells
in Parkinson's disease.

Some are so huge
that everyone on earth knows about it
at the same time -
"That's one small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind!"

"Thresholds," Copyright © 2016 by John D. Call
Posted November 10, 2016

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