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Poetic Prompt # 28

Image: Homeless man

Write a poem inspired by the above photo.

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By LaTanya Michael

I see you with a blind eye,
 walk away I say inside
fear takes over
   the love of Christ compels me to act, but where has it gone?
stereotypes pop up like an unwanted virus and I am masked with a quick and sudden NO.
Why this and why that? What if he is lying?
I play God as I walk by saddened but unashamed.
How dare I judge another man's pain?
   Where is the love in my gestures?
Food is something we all need.
   Yet and still I walk by without token or measure of how far a small meal can go.
Somehow the log in my eye has prevented me to see.
     So I keep walking as I unashamedly say no

"No," Copyright © 2017 by La Tanya Michael
Posted May 22, 2017

The Faces of Homelessness
By Shirley A. Hammond

The faithful, the fallen
The Veteran, the teacher
The merchant, the artist
And even the preacher

Their faces are a confetti affair

The skilled, the educated
The sad, the elated
You'll find all types in this snare

The troubled, the injured
The displaced, the reduced and laid off
Homeless can happen to anyone
So, please don't scoff

There once was an engineer
Who married his sweet darling girl
After years of marriage and children
They separated to different worlds

She got the kids and house
He got alimony and child support payroll deductions
His paycheck didn't stretch far enough
When he adhered to the judge's instructions

So, he packed his things in a box
And put the box in a shopping cart

He knew he made good money
He knew that he was very smart

But just like many who work
In these days of affordable housing woes
He reported to a job daily
But at night, had nowhere to go

The chef, the maid, the person with AIDS
May all end up on the street
Often they are not only homeless

They have no food to eat
When money runs out
As it often will do Who can save or deposit money?
I ask you again – Who?

"The Faces of Homelessness," Copyright © 2017 by Shirley Hammond
Posted May 10, 2017

The Empty Ones
By james kenneth blaylock

what has happened to humanity,
whereas we used to have hearts

we now have hefty voids within our
souls - bleeding blackened blights...

passing people in need does very
little to our brittle bones, lonely

staring into their eyes it's easiest
to see that we're the empty ones

"The Empty Ones," Copyright 2017 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 5-6-17

By Glenn Currier

I have always had a place to sleep nights
with a roof over my head and my own bed
but my homeless state was out of sight
it was at a lonely space in my mind instead.

I cannot count the years I wandered
on rocky winding roads in dark
nor measure the grace and light I squandered
losing myself in distraction and work.

I can't remember not having a job
nor count the hours I've wasted,
nor the love and care I've robbed
nor the bread of life not tasted.

You won't see me holding my cup
on the sidewalk in the city
my pride's too great to give up
I won't ask you for your pity.

Yes, I have often been hungry
I've been empty of inspiration
yearned for peace in my country
hoped for the source of creation.

But recently I've awakened
from the darkness I had roamed
found the road I wish I'd taken
to a deeper fuller higher home.

"Homeless," Copyright © 2017 by Glenn Currier
Posted May 7, 2017

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