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The future of this website:
The group, Poetry in Progress, has disbanded and in the past this site has been here to support that group, but now that website scope/goal and mission has changed. What, then, will this website be? We will be here, doing what we've always done - being a place to read and post poetry, a place to geEva Bredin: acquainted with our poets. The policies and guidelines have changed because the group is gone.


"I want this to be a place where the public can get a flavor or a sense of a poet's work. Perhaps seeing this site as a kind of art gallery is appropriate. The poet profiles will continue to help us know you as persons - beyond reading your poems. If you want to re-do your profile just complete a new form (see link in yellow box - upper left of this page). This information is even more important now that the physical group has gone out of existence and we no longer have those meetings as a place to get acquainted.
     As in the past, I will not be able to post loads of poems by any one individual.
     Finally, another apt metphor for our poets and their work here might be footsteps in the sand.
Watch these pages... you will see the footsteps of some pretty cool poets and we invite you to follow them into their poetic imaginations. You could start with the poetic challenge below."
      Please feel free to comment on the changes or ask questions by using the Contact Form.
I am always open to and in need of feedback, corrections, suggestions, etc.
- Glenn Currier, editor / owner

Poetic Challenge [See Poetic Prompts and Challenges page for more]
In the middle of each month a new poetic challenge will be posted here. Email your poem to me (Glenn Currier) if you know my email address or send it via the Poem Submission Form.. This time (8-19-15 thru 9-15-15) the challenge is:

The Bee in the Old Apple Tree
By Roland Ruiz

Dedicated: Those in life who have been
stung by a mad bee ( I included ) may they
be reminded to stay clear of the bees that
live in the trees for their sting can hurt
as well as be deadly.

I sat under an old apple tree
just the other day
as I looked up I spied a bee
who was about to stray

He flew between the apples hanging
taking straight aim at me
bracing myself for a good stinging
from this crazed bee

He stung me good which made me mad
I decided I'd better flee
from this bee that is so cad
who lives in this old apple tree

"The Bee in the Old Apple Tree," Copyright August 19, 2015 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written August 02. 2015

[See Poetic Prompts and Challenges page for more]

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