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It is my plan to stop maintaining this site in March 2018. I have a little more time than I previously thought with the software needed to do this work which is too expensive and takes too much time for me.  The technology has outstripped my ability to learn it and use it. This site will be on the web until September or October 2018.  But I will not be making any additions after some time in March 2018. 

Therefore: If you have a poem you want to be displayed here, please send it to me via the Poem Submission Form or email it if you know my email address. 

My friends, as health challenges mount, I find I also need to simplify my life, entering my "sunset years." I intend to concentrate on the most important things: My wife, family and friends, and most important, my relationship with God, and my spiritual and creative pursuits.  I will not stop writing poetry, I will simply be sharing my work with a smaller circle of friends. 

I hope this website has been helpful to you and has increased your "enjoyment of poetry and its creative process."  That is the reason I have maintained it and invested my time and money into it.  I love the friends I have made through sharing poetry and have always felt that poetry can be an important door to the sacred.  Another reason I write.

Blessings to you all.
- Glenn Currier

Final Poetic Challenge

Final Poetic Prompt
Write a poem about what poetry and this website has meant to you.

List of Poems Received:
- "What I learned from P.I.P.






Below are poems received in response to this Poetic Prompt:

What I learned from P.I.P.
By James Brown

A poem is great fun to write,
It’s somewhat like a beer,
No matter how the bottle looks,
The meanings always clear.

It matters not who writes these words,
(we know they seldom sell),
The truth comes out in what we’d say,
And never dare to tell.

It’s great fun too, to hear your verse,
And know your inner thoughts,
Of how you love or maybe hate,
Your wife or even boss.

That’s what we find when we’re a bard,
We’ve found, though masons strive,
To seek more light in all our faiths,
But lacking that…contrive.

"What I learned from PIP Copyright © 2017 by James Brown

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- Glenn Currier, Editor


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