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Current Poetic Challenge
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Poetic Prompt # 22
Write a poem incorporating some sort of wound whether it be literal, figurative, physical, or emotional.

Below are poems received in response to the current poetic prompt.
Thank you to all those submitting these poems and taking the leap into creative space - Glenn Currier, Editor

By Roland Ruiz

The poem Obstacles is dedicated to those
who at times feel life over the years
life has abandoned them
without any concern for their well being
hope lies within the heart they need but listen

The strength to overcome obstacles lies within the heart
It awakes a reality which at times can shear a will apart
Any and all emerging light which attests one's life's chart
Can establish an essence of hopefulness buried within the dark

Eroding the pains and hurts collected over solemn years
Placating memories induced from the stream of flowing tears
Shattering lonely echoes of long forgotten cheers
Entraps many efforts from manifesting fears

Rearranging the webs weaved will guide us to the fold
To overcome what is predestined is a lofty goal
Advancing time along with age makes us very bold
Enough to shake the very fiber encrusted within our soul

Amid the spray of an ocean swell with never ending peaks
A sacred haunt known to exist will bring a peace one seeks
Our lives contains no barrier or quest which is too steep
For faith in the conveyor will cleanse the sins we weep

"Obstacles," Copyright c 2016 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written March 23, 2011
Posted August 22, 2016

A hola in my shnozolla
By Glenn Currier

I've got a wound on my snout
so many years of it sticking out
beyond the shade of my lid
in all the outside things I did
catching and storing those rays
from fishing on blazing days
mowing lawns answering the call
to take a hike or play baseball
and on my way to conquer
I led the way with my honker.
Now the dermatology doc
says she needs to take stock
of the cells on my snoot
so she sliced a bit to constitute
a sample to send to the lab
and thus you see my little scab.

"A hola in my schnozolla," Copyright 2016 by Glenn Currier
Posted August 29, 2016

Special Note from Editor:
After I posted the current poetic prompt (# 22) I checked my email and found two poems in response to Poetic Prompt # 21 [Write a poem in which you refer to yourself as "you" throughout.] Please take a look at these two lovely works:

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