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Poetic Prompt # 25

Since February is the month of love, including but not exclusively due to the celebration of Valentine's Day, we are suggesting that you respond to this poetic challenge. What a wide-ranging topic! Feel free to write :

Write a poem on the theme of love.

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Below are poems received in response to the current poetic prompt
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Two Faces
By Elizabeth Hobbs

Image: Poem - Two Faces

"Two Faces," Copyright © 2017 by Elizabeth Hobbs
Posted February 9, 2017

An Awesome Kind of Love
By Sharon West

You are the Love of my life
The reason I do what I do
My palms still sweat when I'm near you
An Unconditional Love, that's honest, trustworthy and true
A Love that's never ending is what I cherish with you
The passion of my heart your Love is fearless, yet painful too
I can always be myself when I'm around you
Laughing and talking together, Your Love doesn't judge the things I do
It's tolerant and forgiving, can't bear thought of ever losing you
Love is respect at its highest never wanting to hurt you
We grow with the changes, the challenges, and together we get through
Our Love is not complicated; it's soft as a warm and gentle hug
Sharing with you is so special
We have an awesome kind of Love

"An Awesome Kind of Love," Copyright © 2017 by Sharon West
Posted February 9, 2017

Your Smile
(for my wife on our forty-fourth anniversary)
By John D. Call

Was it the conspiring of the universe
or simply a room with a view
that caused your smile to linger there
and first drew me to you?

Is it in looking through the eyes of love
and finding my life fulfilled,
that even after forty-four years
I see the same smile still?

And now your smile seems so much a part
of all you say and do;
it ever and always wins my heart,
and I fall in love again with you!

"Your Smile," Copyright © 2013 by John D. Call
Posted February 1, 2017

Somehow Today
(For my wife)
By John D. Call

Somehow today dearer to me,
You go about your way as always.
There is no explaining the depth of your smile,
How your eyes shine at me
Through the necessary distance between us.

Nor can I save for a day of loneliness
The easy way you part the air in your moving,
Not with determined purpose,
But as Rodin's "Apollo" stands of its own,
Shining in its space –

"Somehow Today," Copyright© 1999 by John D. Call
Posted February 1, 2017

Beyond the Crooked Trees
By Glenn Currier

I walk among crooked trees
itheir leaves wind-thrown
and gone to ground.
I feel the cooling breeze
stop and lean close
run my hand across the ragged trunk
its pulse now loving deeply.

On the baseball field dad hits
to his boy who leaps
tips the ball
retrieves it
and ably slings it
to an imagined catcher
at the backstop.
And dad shows him a better arch
for his arm.

Ah! what a sweet scene
this simple love of father and son.
I smile sadly
no such memory inside
to warm this wintry day
but somehow healed
by the peal of that bat on ball
a splendid father's swing
the smooth lope of his child
across that field
just beyond the crooked trees.

"Beyond the Crooked Trees," Copyright © 2017 by Glenn Currier
Posted January 29, 2017

Image: Surf

Tides of Time
By Roland Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem

Dedicated: Those former lovers
From years past whose eyes meet
Across the room rekindling memories
Of a tryst once held and still remembered

As we seek the flowing streams along this rugged course
Is the boundary which we share just a memory from the past
Will shameful desires be found in the specters of remorse?
In bending heart and soul, will moments expand so dreams will last?

A Rose by a rambling brook
In the early misty morn
Brings the sharpness of a daunting look
From a face so weathered and worn

Like the many straining shadows, to dash this urge of mine?
Our roving eyes come to meet, across a crowded room
Bringing back forgotten thoughts, as memories begin to pine
Of love we once enjoyed as the past begin to loom

Wishing reverting passion would slowly commence to stray
Trying to hide the feelings, I stared another way
You with your husband, me with my wife
Slowly turning towards each other, we smile to cover the strife

Concealing the sultry feelings we shared so long ago
I whispered to my beloved, it's best we do take leave
Wondering as the door is closed could she possibly know
Not a word was said as we drove home thru the rustling leaves

I feel a sudden sadness that I cannot explain
Deep inside I fear she knows of this blissful crime
It sings of lonely memories filled with lustful pain
Of the tryst, I tried to hide amid the tides of time

"Tides of Time," Copyright © 2009 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written May 10, 2009

Blind Love Image: small heart
By LaTanya Michael

I haven't seen your face
You're beautiful to me
Growing as each day passes
My love is ever lasting
We bonded from day one
We grow together
I grow in spirit
You in life
Every moment is timeless Every second is priceless
Like an ocean my belly flows
With every stretch and kick
I am amazed at your growth
I am amazed at how God knows exactly what to do
I'm amazed to love and be loved by you.
From day one I loved you
Amazed with eyes blinded...

"Blind Love ??" Copyright © 2017 by LaTanya Michael
Posted 1-14-17


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