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Poetic Prompt # 20
Write a poem including the following three words:

  • note
  • goal
  • altar

Below are the poems received in response to the current poetic prompt.

Fire in the Afternoon
By Glenn Currier

The fire rolled down the mountain
like tumbleweeds with one bright goal:
light the barren terrain
of this shallow day.
It reminds me of those
pimply shaky days
of a teen stretching to be a man
and a person of note
perhaps a priest
holding a gleaming chalice
high above the altar
knowing I am
a man of God
an instrument
of the sacred.

I wonder if afternoons like this
are short seasons of burning
clearing away the weeds and brush
paring down
to find the free me
beyond the bridges and trusses
the me beyond the altar
beyond the sacrifice
and sacraments
the subterranean me
flowing with intuition
the protein particles of wisdom
and the sure knowing
of the divine.

"Fire in the Afternoon," Copyright © 2016 by Glenn Currier
Posted June 17, 2016

Altars All the Same
By Jim Brown

Please note my goal to be an altar boy
Was just not meant to be,
The priest found out I was raised a Baptist,
No Holy water for me.

But I doubt that God really cares that much,
And a church is big or small,
Nor whether it be in an open field,
Or behind a prison wall.

I noted that all the altars were the same,
And the priests or preachers too,
Had the same goal no matter of their faith,
For God's message still rings true.

"Altars All the Same," Copyright 2016 by Jim Brown
Posted June 17, 2016

God's Delight
By Helen Currier

To see the sunset was my goal,
I wanted to renew my soul.
God's glory and wonder to see,
I set my alarm for 5:33.

The light on the horizon was yellow and bright,
God's creation gave me such delight.
The sun rose from over the ocean
Our cruise ship was in motion.

Going towards the eastern sky,
I wanted to revel as the day drew nigh.
As I stood watching the sunrise
My soul began increasing in size.

I knew God's magnificence
Felt His sacred presence.
Glad to be witnessing God's designs,
I wanted to write a beautiful rhyme.

Taking note of every change of hue
Watching as the sky turned blue.
This deck is the altar of God's delight,
Showing me all of God's creative might.

"God's Delight," Copyright © 2016 By Helen Currier
Posted June 17, 2016

Not to Wed
By Genie Currier

Note that my goal in life
has not been to wed.
Though I've been to the altar at times
No words like "I do" have been said".

"Not to Wed," Copyright © 2016 by Genie Currier
Posted June 16, 2016

A Gift of Praise
By John D. Call

Music rises
into the heights of the cathedral.
Then, descending, each note finds its goal
upon the altar
and is offered
as a gift of praise —

"A Gift of Praise," Copyright© 2016 by John D. Call
Posted June 16, 2016

Happy It Was Now
By Shirley Hammond

He hit a high note as he sang
His goal was to hit a high soprano note
He wasn't worried about a single thang
The guest in the audience had already given their vote

He had on his tux
His cumber bund and bow tie
He was told he had great luck
He had this twinkle in his eye

He waited with bated breath and bright red ears
As the organist began to play
After a moment, his escorted adorned bride appeared
It was their wedding day

He saw them walking toward him
He didn't want father/daughter to falter
He noticed her tiny waist was so slim
As the two approached the altar

Wedding bells, their wedding day
They were now saying their vows
The day that they had planned was underway
And they were happy it was now

"Happy It Was Now," Copyright © 2016 by Shirley Hammond
Posted June 16, 2016

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