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Summer poetry slams
Here's information from our friend at the City of DeSoto, Texas, Kathy Jones who notified us of poetry slams this summer:
      The Arts Commission is partnering with the DeSoto Chamber to host a monthly "Poetry Slam" prior to each of our 4th Friday concerts in the Outdoor Amphitheater at Town Center. They will all be at 7pm. Here are the dates: June 24, July 22, August 26.
      The winner of the monthly Poetry Slams will be asked to perform some of their work at the DeSoto Arts Live Festival on Saturday, September 3, 2016.

Current Poetic Challenge
Each month a new poetic challenge is posted here. Submit your poem for the poetic challenge / prompt with the Poem Submission Form (see top of left panel) or email your poem to me if you know my email address.
- Glenn Currier, Editor / Owner

Image: Graphic- stream of Consciousness Poem

Poetic Prompt # 19
Write a stream of consciousness poem.

A stream of consciousness poem (SOC) begins with a single awareness at a point in time. For instance, I begin this SOC poem with the line, "the wind is near blowing the words/off the page." I chose to use no caps or punctuation marks as a matter of stylistic taste.

After the first line, go with what presents itself next. In other words, stay in the present with the present image, and instead of going to the next image/thought, etc., let it come to you. Have fun (or not).

The poem(s) immediately below are in response to the current poetic prompt.

(a stream of consciousness poem)
By John D. Call

the wind is near blowing the words
off the page
have you ever been told
not to be so bold
or settle down
or act our age
and you had no idea
what that meant

i have somewhere within
every age i've ever been
they wait off stage for their cue
but they haven't the heart
to read their part
in fact they haven't a clue

oh, yes,
from birth to death
and in between
act after act and scene after scene
mystery and romance
life is live performance

but beware the script
that has your wings clipped
by the end of the first act
you've come so far to become a star
now you're at the bus station all packed

you may watch all these things
from deep in the wings
and the play will go on long after you're gone
and your telephone never rings

and when the curtains fall
on the third curtain call
you've gotten all you'll get
still you buy the morning news
just to read the reviews
and the sun is beginning to set

"(a stream of consciousness poem)," Copyright © 2016 by John D. Call
Posted May 20, 2016

By LaTanya Michael

Monotonous tasks each have a purpose but drive me insane
Sanity is overrated anyway we are all one disaster away from losing it
where are my keys
I can never seem to find them yet I talk out loud as if they can hear me calling
While my phone rings I hold my breath with anticipation wondering if I want to answer or not
Knots tangles and tired arms keep me up all night way too long as I comb my hair and they say, "watch a movie while you do it and the time goes by faster " yeah being right
the ability two use both hands could really come in handy right now...wish I were ambidextrous and then my arms could take turns
Turn off that video game before your brain goes to mush!
Imbalance makes you useless to yourself and others
Other than that time I played video games countless times when I was younger yet somehow it's not good for you today that is
You know how we say one thing and do another when mimicking is the first way we learned from birth. We feed off one another
By the way, what are we going to eat for dinner anyway!?

"Rambling," Copyright © 2016 by LaTanya Michael
Posted May 28, 2016

Silent Words
By Sandy O'Neill

Streams of light following a path of thoughts
forming into patterns of color, layering one
over another.

Soft gentle tones gathering momentum into
loud invisible vibrations forming words jumbled
in the mind.

See Me. Hear Me. Know Me.
Then again retreating into a profound silence.

"Silent Words," Copyright © 2016 by Sandy O'Neill
Posted May 29, 2016

The poem below did not start out as a poem, but as stream of consciousness writing - several lines saying whatever came to my mind as I mulled over my feelings and reactions to my wife's hip replacement surgery. I was stressed and conflicted but I was not sure what I was feeling. At first the images I got were just colors and then shades of dark-to-lighter. I started thinking of what feelings I was having that might be represented by the colors and shades. As I continued to write some of the lines stuck together in what became an emerging theme. I stayed with the feelings and thoughts and let them go where they might. Eventually it became evident that this was becoming a poem. And so... I started arranging the words as such. - Glenn Currier

Reflections of a Caregiver
By Glenn Currier

What colors are your heart?
Are they grays for the clouds hanging there?
Or red for the anger you wish you wouldn't feel?
Shades of maroon to bruising black and blue?
The dirty browns of the mounds of guilt
    guilt for the selfish indulgence of these colors
    when she is the one with the wound?
Heavy shades of sadness and pain?
The strained purple of anxiety
     or its magenta cousin fear
          on the cusp of a foggy frontier?
Dullness extruded from muscle-exhaustion
     that beckons you into sleep?

I pray the loss of twilight
and this journey into night.

I am grateful for the early morning light
     where shades of sadness fade
     the frights of the night are past
     and I am keen
     with shades of green.

Red with the oxygen of Grace,
I thank the Spirit
who sorted my dreams
sewed up the seams
to make whole my soul
and renew my heart.

What color is your heart this day?

"Reflections of a Caregiver," Copyright © 2016 by Glenn Currier
Posted April 25, 2016

By Sharon West

When you know you've had your best
and your worst is yet to come
How do you follow butterflies beneath the
blistering sun
The good is always better, it's best to follow the SON
Than to let our minds go wondering
Because this world's a Great Big Con
There's unknown challenges ahead of us and
victories to pursue
Each destination all mapped out the choices up to you

"Uncertainty," Copyright © 2016 by Sharon West
Posted May 21, 2016

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