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Current Poetic Challenge

Poetic Prompt # 33 
Write a poem about one or all of the four seasons. (Some ideas for brainstorming: What does the season look, feel, smell like? What memories do you associate with that season?)

List of Poems Received
-  Fall    by John D. Call

-  Approaching Fall
   by John D. Call

-  Winter's Follies   
by Roland Ruiz

Yearly Love Affiar    By James Kenneth Blaylock

Fall    By Glenn Currier








Below: poems in response to the current poetic prompt / challenge

By John D. Call

waters fall
leaves fall
in the fall
I fall
in love with
fall –

“Fall,” Copyright © 2017 by John D. Call

Approaching Fall
(for my wife, whose favorite season is fall)
By John D. Call

Approach fall with great calm and care,
for here she is fragile and skittish
and prone to back away into deep November
if we seem too anxious for her arrival.

Instead, pretend not to notice
the fresh, cool mornings and evenings –
the first need of a jacket,
or the grass slowing its growing,
or that smell of burning firewood
coming from neighbors’ chimneys.

Each day move a little closer,
and perhaps offer her a fallen leaf,
or a twig from last spring’s nest or flower bed,
or a piece of straw or pumpkin bread.
Let her know you are versed in autumn things;
like attracts like, it is said.

And when you have moved quite near,
Whisper softly in her ear,
“Come stay a while with me;
let each to the other be true.
And if perchance you cannot stay,
then let me go away with you.”

"Approaching Fall," Copyright © 2010 by John D. Call


Winter’s Follies
By Roland Ruiz
Audio recording of Roland's poem  wma   mp3

Within the valley of a mountain shade
It seems the stings of winter begins to fade
Felt within the howling winds that flow
A change of season will soon bestow

For this cold has been a terrible blow
One to remember one to sow
Records broken in many cases
Implanting memories in far away places

But off in the distance spring can be heard
Like the soar of a Eagle attacking winter with a surge
Bringing relief from the path of the frigid North air
Allowing the trees to sprout binding the birds to pair

Even the gales from the South wind complies
Permitting God’s grace to renew it cries
As the earth adjusts to the warming air
Enticing new growth soon will appear

Flooding the landscape with a array of color
Making one jump with joy, changing our pallor
Emerging warmth will caress our bodies
Purging the details of a winter’s follies

The seasonal change which comes our way
Brings forth the rebirth in this yearly fray
From winter to spring can at times be framed
Cementing an environment uncut and untamed

"Winter's Follies," Copyright © 2017 by: Roland R. Ruiz
Written February 18, 2011

Yearly Love Affair
By James Kenneth Blaylock

Fall, I'm always falling for you, it's
a yearly love affair that's got me
forever wishing to see your beauty

I'm transfixed, with engaging thoughts
of whispering into your easy breezy ears
"don't leave me, yet again, sweetness...."

"Yearly Love Affair," Copyright © 2017 by James Kenneth Blaylock
Written 10-26-17

By Glenn Currier

The morning sun kisses the pecan tree
and its quivering shimmering mantle of gold,
outside it’s cooling but not yet cold
the air is poised for a new season -
hanging like a mystery just out of reach.

How precious this moment of being
an earthling
in this terrestrial gem -
ever-changing, always creating a new home
for the creatures in its embrace.

Fall! what a name for this season.
Yet the full fruits of its lessons
defy the confines of language:

An aging woman takes a tragic fall
drapes the sidewalk in painful sprawl
breaking bones but not her resolve
to stand again with pride, head held high.

The rugged-faced man hears the bottle’s call
the bottle: full of promise to ease the pain
but empty of joy in the fall.

We blame Adam and Eve for their pride
and the shame they shed
on their species one and all
the pain of separation from God
yet look at each of our daily falls.

So here we are in autumn
and its million transitions
leaves floating like golden snow.
What a dazzling colorful show
a diaphanous symphony of letting go
notes falling seemingly without reason -
is this the last performance of the final season
and do I hear the distant yearning call
of freedom
beyond this fall?


“Fall,” Copyright © 2017 by Glenn Currier


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