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Into the unknown

Editor's Note: I thank my good friend Garth "Mindfeather" HIll for the above image. I highly recommend your visiting his Flickr pages: In the last many years, Garth turned his immense artistic talent from poetry to photography and image development.  Any one of his images could be an inspiration for a poem.

Poetic Prompt # 32 
Write a poem responding to the image above (use the title of the image as a prompt if you wish - it's up to you...)

List of Poems Received
-   Walking in the Light   By John D. Call

-  Into the Unknown  
 by Glenn Currier

-  A Dream Received 
 By John D. Call
Your Shadow
   by Shirley Hammond
-  Empty Pawn   by Roland R. Ruiz








Below: poems in response to the current poetic prompt / challenge

Walking in the Light
By John D. Call

walking in the light
between two darknesses
and in the light
the stalking shadow —

“walking in the light…” Copyright © 2017 by John D. Call

Into the Unknown
By Glenn Currier

The doc says Phil needs bypass work real soon
his heart is pumping badly and in stress
his arteries and veins are not in tune
his fear has spiked his life seems in a mess.

The bride still wonders if this guy is right
she’s seen his moods go dark and sour
she listened to his poems of love and light
and seen him laugh and play with kids for hours.

Yes Raymond dreamed of serving as a cop
he helped the frantic mother to give birth
busted dealers brought the vandal to a stop
but saw the cruelest wicked and the worst.

When first we rise into the breaking dawn
we know not what or where the day will go
what challenge waits what pain the day will spawn
but worry fear and fretting just bring us low.

The unknown calls us past our faults and shame
it pulls us forward to become our best
the unknown beckons calling us by name
to make the future sing to make it blessed.

“Into the Unknown,” Copyright © 2017 by Glenn Currier

A Dream Received
By John D. Call

In a deep and familiar wood,
Light and darkness adjacent stood.
The light lent the darkness no glow or spark,
Rather by contrast only deepened the dark.
And I from the latter into the brightness gazed,
Not in fear yet perplexed and amazed.
Though a strange eeriness saturated this night,
There seemed no question of wrong or right,
Nor any judgment of bad or good;
Only light and darkness that adjacent stood.

“A Dream Received,” Copyright© 2000 by John D. Call

Your Shadow
By Shirley Hammond

Never be afraid of your shadow
Whether you face it, or it's behind your back It's always going to mimic you When you act, it will react

It can never make its own moves
Whatever your color, it shows up black
Short in the noonday, with the sun over top Long as the sun dips in the sky

Children don't love them
They just can not grasp
Shadows aren't monsters
And Shadows don't last

"Your Shadow," Copyright © 2017 by Shirley Hammond
Posted 9-29-17

Empty Pawn
By Roland Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem:  MP3   WMA

Dedicated: To all who suffer from this dreaded disease
Known as Alzheimer, which robs one’s mentality
Taking away the very essence of our memory
May God grant with knowledge those who
Seek the cure for this terrible malady
Bringing peace to those who witness the
Vanishing of a love one’s dignity

What lies between the breezes amid the fabric of life’s streams
A rainbow unbeknown to those who shy away from dreams
Guiding one to saunter amidst the dew of the morning dawn
In mournful moods I clamor for I’ve become an empty pawn

I tread upon this emptiness without a goal to call my own
Seeking that certain feeling which will set a binding tone
Releasing the many memories which seem to gone astray
For I am aging with forgetfulness my mind begins to stray

From a dreaded disease called Alzheimer, I fear I will succumb
To a sensation of not knowing, my brain churning to bits of crumbs
Giving time to realize what soon will be my fate
I turn to my companion who has been my trusting mate

Caressing with tenderness I take you in my arms
Whispering sweet nothing using all my manly charms
Kissing your moisten lips letting you know how much I’ve cared
To calm what you must feel from all the years we’ve shared

With our house in order, we will pray what days remain
Be filled with loving kindness that will rid us of the pain
From a terrible malady which robs one’s mentality
Recalling all we ever done, will soon be your reality

So know my darling dearest I’ll soon walk all alone
With only fading recollections of this loving home
Take care and do not fear, for God will guide my heart
Towards a beacon of lasting light, which takes away the dark?

"Empty Pawn," Copyright © 2017 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written September 15, 2011


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