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Poetic Prompt # 23
Write a poem inspired by, based on, or imitating another poem. Please mention in an author's note the name of the original poem and its author if known.

Poems in response to this prompt:

Below are poems received in response to the current poetic prompt.
Thank you to all those submitting these poems and taking the leap into creative space - Glenn Currier, Editor

When I Think About Myself
By LaTanya Michael

When I think about myself
I almost always get quiet
Tug of war inside my brain,
Picket signs and riots
Wanting one more thing, No washing out the stains,
I always try to remember i am happier the less I complain,
When I Think About Myself

Thirty four years in this big world,
The ladies I work for call me a baby,
I let them, it makes me feel young
I laugh inside to have a little fun,
I know my smarts even if they think I am dumb,
When I think about myself,

Although my experience out weighs my years,
Baby is furthest from my mind,
I've been around the block a couple times
I sigh when I think about myself

My family makes me grit my teeth,
We gather together increasing the heat,
Laughing joking I miss you you miss me,
Is she yelling from across the street?
We're far from quiet, like jalapeños we be,
Making memories for eternity,
When I think about My family.

Author's Note: Inspired by "When I Think About Myself" by Maya Angelou

A Far Walk
By John D. Call

I cannot tell you how far I walked;
I only know it was far and more,
much farther than before!
For this time I walked beyond the clattering traffic -
the sounds of horns, engines winding out after red lights,
and brakes squealing!

I walked beyond the lights of town
and the halo of light that hovers high above the ground
and can be seen for miles.
I walked beyond the bark of dogs and screams of fear
rising up from the violent streets,
beyond the frowns, smiles, and tears
of those I chanced to meet.
I walked beyond the thoughts and dreams
of all the people I had left behind,
and my own as well - a clearing of the mind.
I walked beyond even the sound of my own heart beating
and the sound of my very breath.
All these things by which I had known myself,
I walked beyond.

And I can tell you this, that as I walked on
I was a truer self, a freer self,
nearer the essence of my being, my core!
but I cannot tell you how far it was I walked,
only know it was farther, much farther, than before.

Author's Note: Inspired in part by Robert Frost's poem, "Acquainted with the Night"

"A Far Walk," Copyright © 2010 by John D. Call
Posted October 21, 2016

Toot Sweet
By James Kenneth Blaylock

Come hither to see the rotation drop
come witness as the dizziness stops
never mind our lofty kind intentions
cause we're not too good at inventing

instead lets focus upon the coldness
and/or the hotness, ever stirring up...
not any reason for loving nor hating
as dread holds folks minds, very tight
time tells the world it's last goodnight

so lift your emptying cup, toot sweet,
pondering if it'll be somewhat discreet

Author's Note: Inspired by the poem, Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.

"Toot Sweet," Copyright © 2016 by james kenneth blaylock
Written 10-13-16
Posted October 21, 2016

Image: Bison sculpture

Bison Song
By Glenn Currier

Oh how the sadness in your wizened eyes
betrays your history on our mother earth
the plains whose dust your heard would fill the skies
your massive movement sounding your great girth.
For centuries your flesh and bones supplied
the native peoples from their very birth.
Whites took your land and brought your quick demise
to steal the sacred meaning of your worth.

But still with furry shoulders you stand tall
your sacred legacy of strength remains
we thank you for the blessings you still bring.
You ground us lifting souls to Spirit's call
you sweep and roar across our daily plains
reminding us to bow, then dance and sing.

"Bison Song," Copyright © 2016 by Glenn Currier
Posted October 3,2016

Author's Note: Inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke's sonnet, "Archaic Torso of Apollo" Rilke's poem, in sonnet form, wrote beautifully of what the white marble sculpture of Apollo (arms, and head no longer there) spoke to him. Here are his first five lines:
     We cannot know his legendary head
     with eyes like ripening fruit. And yet his torso
     is still suffused with brilliance from inside,
     like a lamp , in which his gaze, now turned low,
     gleams in all its power…

Looking for my own piece of art, I found a wood-carved sculpture of a bison, given to me many years ago by my wife, that now stands on the top shelf of our garden room, a place of honor where it belongs.

I also recommend that you listen to Buffy St. Marie's great song, "Now That the Buffalo's Gone"

Image: Lady Mary Wilson

Lady Mary Wilson of Rievaulx

By Roland R. Ruiz
Audio Recording of Roland reading his poem MP3 WMA

Dedicated: Norma Southwood from England
A poetry friend who introduced me to the poetry
of Lady Mary Wilson who wrote:

If I can write before I die
One line of purest poetry
Or crystallize for all to share
A thought unique a moment rare
Within one sentence clear and plain
Then I shall not have lived in vain

Untitled introduction from Selected Poems (1970)
(Wife of the late Prime Minister Harold Wilson)

Fits the old saying which is true
(Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery)

If I could write a line or two
Prestigious in form and sublime
Containing not an ounce of rue
Encasing destiny so refined
Within the dunes of the sand
One hears the echoes of the chime
Poetically expressed we understand
The reasons why the words must rhyme

"Reasons," Copyright © 2016 by Roland R. Ruiz
Written April 16, 2014
Posted September 29, 2016

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